Little Acorns / Mighty Oaks - 2-3 years

The transition is smooth and positive as children move through their EYFS curriculum. Activities will be provided to
support children at this developmental stage.

This room has a busy energy as children practice their skills and become more physically independent.

Children will develop socially, working alongside their peers to form friendships.

Practitioners will continue to support self-care routines whilst encouraging independence.

The theory behind being outdoors, is that it allows children to connect with nature promoting health and well-being.

The Little Plant

(From the "Plant Baby and Its Friends.")

“In the heart of a seed,
Buried deep, so deep,
A dear little plant
Lay fast asleep.

‘Wake,’ said the sunshine,
‘And creep to the light,’
‘Wake,’ said the voice
Of the rain-drops bright.

The little plant heard
And it rose to see
What the wonderful
Outside world would be. “

Kate L. Brown.

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